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srcbin proudly presents our first open source offering, jared. (just another registry editor)

what is it?

The most complete open source Windows registry hive editor available. Actually, it is a library with a small editor front-end. It is intended that people re-use this library for other projects needing access to offline registry hives. It is written in Java and compiles under 'gcj' for easy stand alone use. jared is released under the GNU Public License.


In short, there was no other way. We needed raw access to offline registry hives. The Registry API was not available. There are some open source tools out there for editing the registry outside of windows, such as the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor and some alpha Samba code, but none was robust enough for our needs.

But why open source it? We felt that it was too important to keep hidden away. It represents significant effort and relies on open information found on the net. If it wasn't for free exchange of information, this library and application could not exist. Needless to say, even with significant documentation, it was VERY difficult to get a robust working implimentation. This project is unique, and if you want to modify or analyze registries offline, you've just hit the mother lode.


Please visit our sourceforge project:


We accept donations, if you find jared useful. If you would like custom development that utilizes this library, please contact us for a quote.
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