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software development

  • Programming Languages: Java, Ruby, C/C++, Erlang, Python, Perl, PHP, Lisp, Delphi, TCL, sh / bash, csh
  • A large Java utility library to aid us in tackling your custom development.
  • Java Technologies: Swing, GWT, EE5, Struts, JDBC, JPA, WSDL, WebStart, Groovy, BeanShell, JavaFX
  • Glue: TclBlend, Perl Inline, SWIG, shell integration
  • Databases: Postgres, Oracle, MySQL
  • Special Knowledge: Open Access (Cadence/Si2), Verilog, Liberty, SAP connectors, Promis connectors, Handheld interfacing


system design / administration

  • Linux - file, web, mail, compute servers, backup systems, desktop, LDAP. Intimate knowledge of disaster recovery, RAID configurations, etc
  • Solaris - file server, ZFS, specialty applications
  • Samba - Linux/Unix file/print server, roaming profiles, and more for Windows
  • VPN - open source tools
  • Networking - general
  • Routers - open source
  • Wireless - open source mesh and WDS
  • Security - helpful analysis on all platforms
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